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Bougher, Neale L. Status of the genera Hymenangium and Descomyces. Mycotaxon 108: 313–318. 2009.

ABSTRACT: Uncertainty in contemporary literature concerning the status of Hymenangium and Descomyces is addressed. Typification of Hymenangium and the nomenclatural confusion regarding H. album are clarified. Suggestions in the current Dictionary of Fungi that Descomyces be conserved against Hymenangium are discounted, and the author proposes that the entry for Hymenangium (“Hymenangium Klotzsch (1839) = Descomyces”) be corrected to “Hymenangium Klotzsch (1838) = Rhizopogon,” to reflect Klotzsch’s erection of Hymenangium for a Rhizopogon species(H. virens). In 1839 Klotzsch cited a J.D. Hooker specimen as a second species of Hymenangium, but misapplied Tuber album Bull. to serve as a reference for its name Hymenangium album. For Descomyces, the epithet albus should not be ascribed to Klotzsch but rather to Berkeley, who described Hymenogaster albus in 1844 based on the same Hooker collection annotated by Klotzsch. As Berkeley delimited the original type by excluding all other elements (‘exclusis omnibus synonymis’), under Art. 48.1 he established a valid new species for which Descomyces albus (Berk.) Bougher & Castellano should be regarded as the correct name. Conservation of the later-named Rhizopogonaceae against Hymenangiaceae may be needed.

KEYWORDS: Agaricales, Cortinariaceae, taxonomy

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