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Davydov, Evgeny A. & Jiang-Chun Wei. Boreoplaca ultrafrigida (Umbilicariales), the correct name for Rhizoplacopsis weichingii. Mycotaxon 108: 301–305. 2009.

ABSTRACT: The type of Boreoplaca ultrafrigida is shown to be identical with Rhizoplacopsis weichingii. Consequently, the latter name is reduced to synonymy with B. ultrafrigida, and Rhizoplacopsis is reduced to synonymy with Boreoplaca. Systematical position of the genus is discussed on the basis of literature sources. The known distribution of
B. ultrafrigida in Russia and China is summarized.

KEYWORDS:  lichen, new synonym, Ophioparmaceae, Rhizoplacopsidaceae, biogeography, Asia

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