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Wei, T.-Z., B.-H. Tang & Y.-J. Yao. Revision of Termitomyces in China. Mycotaxon 108: 257–285. 2009.

ABSTRACT: A survey of Termitomyces was carried out to clarify the species in China based on examination of more than 600 specimens, of which one third were fresh material collected from the field in this study. Among 32 Chinese records, including 26 in Termitomyces and six in Sinotermitomyces, the distribution of 11 species in China, viz. T. aurantiacus, T. bulborhizus, T. clypeatus, T. entolomoides, T. eurrhizus, T. globulus, T. heimii, T. mammiformis, T. microcarpus, T. striatus and T. tylerianus, is recognized, whilst seven are excluded because of misidentification or misapplied names, and five are unconfirmable owing to the lack of specimen support. There are nine synonyms of other known Termitomyces species, eight of which were described as new species from China. The recognized Chinese species are described in detail with discussion on their morphological variation. A key to the Chinese species is provided and discussion on other Chinese records made.

KEYWORDS: Agaricales, taxonomy, Lyophyllaceae

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