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Khodaparast, S.A. & M. Abbasi. Species, host range, and geographical distribution of powdery mildew fungi. Mycotaxon 108: 213–216. 2009.

ABSTRACT: A comprehensive review of the species, host range and geographical distribution of powdery mildew fungi in Iran is presented. The listed fungi belong to eight teleomorphic genera — Blumeria (1 species), Erysiphe sect. Erysiphe (14 species), Erysiphe sect. Microsphaera (15 species), Erysiphe sect. Uncinula (6 species), Golovinomyces (9 species), Leveillula (14 species), Neoerysiphe (2 species), Phyllactinia (3 species), Podosphaera sect. Podosphaera (3 species), Podosphaera sect. Sphaerotheca (12 species), and Sawadaea (2 species) — and one anamorphic genus, Oidium (five species). The 528 host plant species reported in the checklist pertain to 287 genera.

The complete checklist of fungi is available on http://staff.guilan.ac.ir/staff/users/khodaparastm/fckeditor_repo/file/Checklist.pdf.

KEYWORDS:  biotrophic fungi, biodiversity, Erysiphaceae

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