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Pennycook, S.R. The correct authorship of the genus Hypomyces and its original species. Mycotaxon 108: 185–195. 2009.

ABSTRACT: Historically, the abbreviation ‘Tul.’ was used indiscriminately to indicate authorship by L.-R. Tulasne as sole author and by L.-R. & C. Tulasne as joint authors. This ambiguity continues to result in misattribution of many names for which the author has previously been designated as ‘Tul.’, for example the genus Hypomyces. Linguistic analysis of numerous papers published by the Tulasne brothers confirms that they were joint authors of the protologue of the genus Hypomyces and its original 18 species. Therefore, using modern standard botanical author abbreviations, these names should be attributed to ‘Tul. & C.Tul.’, and not to ‘Tul.’

KEYWORDS:  nomenclature, Nees, Saccardo, Sydow, Hypomyces lactifluorum

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