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Niazi, A.R., S.H. Iqbal & A.N. Khalid. Ectomycorrhizae between Amanita rubescens and Himalayan spruce (Picea smithiana) from Pakistan. Mycotaxon 107: 73–80. 2009.

ABSTRACT: Field ectomycorrhizae of Amanita rubescens with Picea smithiana are described for the first time. Ectomycorrhizal roots were sampled beneath the sporocarp from the rhizosphere of the host plant. The sporocarps and ectomycorrhizae were characterized morphologically and anatomically. The most important characters of the ectomycorrhizae are a monopodial mycorrhizal system, white to cream colour of the mantle, hyaline emanating hyphae, and thick hairy rhizomorphs emerging mostly from restricted points. All mantle layers are plectenchymatous. Hyphae lack clamp connections forming rings. Rhizomorphs are composed of thick central hyphae without septa. The diameter of the rhizomorphs is narrower than other known ECM of Amanita spp. This association is reported for the first time from Pakistan.

KEYWORDS: Amanitaceae, ectomycorrhizogenous, Mukshpuri, Pinaceae

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