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Hawksworth, David L. (ed.). Book reviews and notices. Mycotaxon 107: 489–530. 2009.Books reviewed include:
General — Fungal families of the world, Compendium of soil fungi; Atlas of invertebrate-pathogenic fungi of Thailand; Topicós sobre diversidad, ecología y usos de los hongos microscópicos en Iberoamérica; Glossário ilustrado de micologia; Tesoros de Nuestros Montes: Trufas de Andalucía; Manual de Truficultura Andaluza;
Chytridiomycetes, Oomycetes, and Protozoans — Brazilian zoosporic fungi;

Zygomycetes —
Guía de bolsillo de las zigomicosis invasoras;

Basidiomycetes —
A manual and source book on the boletes and their allies, Monograph of Marasmius, Gloiocephala, Palaeocephala and Setulipes in tropical Africa; Fungi of Cameroon: Ecological diversity with emphasis on the taxonomy of non-gilled hymenomycetes from the Mbalmayo forest reserve; Smut fungi of the Indian subcontinent; Fungi of Australia: the smut fungi;

Ascomycetes —
The genus Cladosporium and similar dematiaceous hyphomycetes; Aspergillus systematics in the genomic era; Indian sarcoscyphaceous fungi; Aggiornamento sul genere Chaetomium con descrizione di alcune specie coprofile, nuove per l’Italia; A bibliography of Podospora and Shizothecium, a key to the species, and a description of Podospora dasypogon newly recorded from Italy; Mycocalicioid fungi (the order Mycocaliciales) of the Holarctic; Microfungi occurring on Proteaceae in the Fynbos;

Lichen-forming fungi  —
Index nominum lichenum inter annos 1932 et 1960 divulgatorum; Lichen distribution maps: a world index and bibliography; Flora of New Zealand – Lichens; Contributions towards a new systematics of the lichen family Thelotremataceae; The lichen family Graphidaceae in Australia; Lichenological contributions in honour of David Galloway; Lichenologische Nebenstunden. Contributions to the lichen taxonomy and ecology in honour of Klaus Kalb; Corticolous crustose and microfoliose lichens of northeastern Brazil; Flechten Madeiras, der Kanaren und Azoren; Lichenológia – a zuzmók tudománya; The lichens of the Tartry Mountains; and

Miscellaneous  —
Order out of chaos: Linnaean plant names and their types; Fungi in the ancient world: How mushrooms, mildews, molds, and yeast shaped the early civilizations of Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Near East; The Air Spora: A manual for catching and identifying airborne biological particles; Plant taxonomy: the systematic evaluation of comparative data.
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