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Delgado, Gregorio. South Florida microfungi: Veramycella bispora, a new palmicolous, anamorphic genus and species, with some new records for the continental USA. Mycotaxon 107: 357–373. 2009.

ABSTRACT: A new anamorphic genus Veramycella, with V. bispora as the type species, is described and illustrated from rachides of dead leaves of Sabal palmetto in southeastern Florida, USA. The genus is characterized by having 3-distoseptate, polymorphic conidia produced in simple, acropetal chains of two, and polyblastic, terminal or intercalary, sympodially proliferating conidiogenous cells bearing widely spaced, flattened, non-protuberant, unthickened, not darkened conidiogenous loci, disposed in conidiophores with enteroblastic, percurrent regenerative proliferations. It is compared with morphologically similar anamorphic genera and species having sympodial conidiogenesis and catenate conidia. Thirteen other hyphomycetes are recorded for the first time for continental United States. A new combination Rhexoacrodictys martinii, is proposed and discussed.

KEYWORDS: Anungitopsis, Junewangia, palm fungi, Veramyces

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