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Mossebo, D.C., A.L. Njouonkou, M. Piatek, B. Kengni Ayissi & M. Djamndo Djasbe. Termitomyces striatus f. pileatus f. nov. and f. brunneus f. nov. from Cameroon with a key to central African species. Mycotaxon 107: 315–329. 2009.

ABSTRACT: Two new forms of Termitomyces striatus are described from Cameroon and a preliminary key to the central African taxa is provided for the first time. T. striatus f. pileatus is characterized by an often subinfundibuliform pileus that is usually squamulose greyish orange when young and cocoa brown or leather brown in age. This new form is additionally characterized by an obtuse to obtusely conical perforatorium, more or less conspicuously radially striate mature pileus, inconspicuous annulus present only on young basidiomes, a long filiform pseudorhiza, and polymorphic pleuro- and cheilocystidia. T. striatus f. brunneus is distinguished by a plicate- to sulcate- striate unchanging chocolate brown to dark brown pileus with a conspicuous mammiform perforatorium made of erect subcylindrical and inflated chains of cells; this form is further distinguished by polymorphic cystidia that differ from those found in T. striatus f. pileatus.

KEYWORDS: Basidiomycetes, Tricholomataceae, termite symbionts, taxonomy

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