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Braun, Uwe, Volker Kummer & Biao Xu. Taxonomy and nomenclature of powdery mildew fungi: Erysiphe asclepiadis, E. robiniicola and Golovinomyces caulicola. Mycotaxon 107: 285–295. 2009.

ABSTRACT: The new species Erysiphe asclepiadis is described, illustrated and discussed. A new Chinese collection of Erysiphe robiniicola has recently been found that can be used to elucidate and discuss the confused taxonomy and nomenclature of this species and other taxa of Erysiphe s. lat. on Robinia spp. Based on a re-examination of type material in connection with the data given in the protologue, it can be shown that Capnodium lygodesmiae must be reduced to synonymy with Ampelomyces quisqualis. The confusion surrounding the name C. lygodesmiae, caused by the occurrence of the hyperparasite A. quisqualis on a powdery mildew fungus with abundant chasmothecia, is discussed in detail. The new combination, Golovinomyces caulicolaSpolverinia caulicola), is proposed for the powdery mildew that serves as host of C. lygodesmiae.

KEYWORDS: Erysiphaceae, Asclepias, Lygodesmia
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