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Castañeda Ruíz, Rafael F., Teresa Iturriaga, David W. Minter, Gabriela Heredia Abarca, Marc Stadler, Masatoshi Saikawa & Roberto Fernández. Two new anamorphic fungi and some microfungi recorded from ‘El Ávila,’ Venezuela. Mycotaxon 107: 225–237. 2009.

ABSTRACT: Two interesting fungi collected during investigations of microfungi on dead plant material in the mountains range ‘Cerro El Ávila’, Caracas, Venezuela, are described and illustrated. Phaeodactylium biseptatum anam. sp. nov. is distinguished by clavate, fusiform to narrowly ellipsoid, ventricose, 2-septate conidia with central cell pale brown and subhyaline ends. A key to accepted Phaeodactylium species is provided. Polyschema amoenum is characterized by moniliform conidiophores and fusiform to navicular, 4–5-septate, smooth conidia, with two dark brown cells, the other conidial cells subhyaline.

KEYWORDS: conidial fungi, leaf litter, systematics, tropical rainforest

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