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Camino, M., G. Moreno, A. Castillo, D.W. Mitchell & D.W. Minter. Additions to the myxomycete biota of Cuba. 1. Mycotaxon 106: 75-102. 2008.

ABSTRACT: A study was carried out on the taxonomy and chorology of myxomycetes based on field collections from various localities in Cuba. Some additional collections were obtained from moist chamber cultures. Species recorded for the first time from Cuba were Calomyxa metallica, Comatricha anomala, Craterium paraguayense, Cribraria confusa, C. macrocarpa, Dictydiaethalium plumbeum, Diderma testaceum, Didymium bahiense, D. difforme, D. nigripes, Licea pedicellata, L. pseudoconica, Macbrideola cornea, Physarum decipiens, P. flavicomum, P. globuliferum, P. gyrosum, P. mutabile, P. nicaraguense, P. oblatum, P. rigidum, P. roseum, P. stellatum, Reticularia jurana and Trichia agaves. Ten species (Comatricha anomala, Craterium paraguayense, Cribraria macrocarpa, Didymium bahiense, L. pseudoconica, Macbrideola cornea, Physarum decipiens, P. gyrosum, P. mutabile and Trichia agaves) were new records for the insular Caribbean. Species little studied by SEM or of particular interest for the island's biota are illustrated with SEM micrographs of spore ornamentation prepared by critical point drying.

KEYWORDS: biodiversity, Myxomycota, Neotropical myxobiota

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