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Hennicke, F. & M. Piepenbring. Critical review of recent records of Russulaceae from Panama. Mycotaxon 106: 455-467. 2008.

ABSTRACT: Based on recently collected specimens, four new records of the Russulaceae are presented for Panama: Russula aff. densissima, R. luteotacta, R. mexicana and Lactarius aff. lilacinus. R. aff. densissima is reported for the first time for the Americas. The Panamanian specimens of R. luteotacta, R. mexicana and L. aff. lilacinus are the most southern records for the Americas. All species are described and illustrated. A discussion of their known distribution, delimitation from morphologically similar species, and their taxonomy is added, where applicable.

KEYWORDS: tropical mycology, Central America

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