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Hernández-Gutiérrez, Antonio & José C. Dianese. New cercosporoid fungi from the Brazilian Cerrado 1. Species on hosts of the families Anacardiaceae, Araliaceae, Bombacaceae, Burseraceae and Celastraceae. Mycotaxon 106: 41-63. 2008.

ABSTRACT: New cercosporoid hyphomycetes are described from the Brazilian Cerrado on native plants of the families Anacardiaceae (Pseudocercospora astronii, P. astroniiphila), Araliaceae (Passalora schefflerae), Bombacaceae (Cercospora ochromae, Pseudocercospora eriothecae, P. pseudobombacis), Burseraceae (Pseudocercospora protii), and Celastraceae (Prathigada austroplenckiae, Pseudocercospora austroplenckiae).

KEYWORDS: fungal taxonomy, mycodiversity, Mycosphaerellaceae, tropical hyphomycetes

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