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Silva, Danielle Karla Alves da, Nicácio de Oliveira Freitas, Gisela Cuenca, Leonor Costa Maia & Fritz Oehl. Scutellospora pernambucana, a new fungal species in the Glomeromycetes with a diagnostic germination orb. Mycotaxon 106: 361-370. 2008.

ABSTRACT: A new species of the arbuscular mycorrhiza-forming Scutellosporaceae (Glomeromycetes), described here as Scutellospora pernambucana, forms globose to subglobose (rarely oval), yellow to brown-yellow glomerospores terminally on sporogenous cells. The 110-150 µm diameter spores have three unornamented spore walls: outer (3-layered), middle (2-layered), and inner (3-layered). The germination shield formed on the outer surface of the inner wall is circular, hyaline to (rarely) light yellow, and has a characteristic coiled, orb-like structure formed by a single lobe that surrounds the initial germ hole and terminally bears one germ tube initiation. This unique germ shield structure easily distinguishes the new species from all other Scutellospora species; S. projecturata, which forms a similarly coiled germ shield, is differentiated by conspicuous columnar projections on the outer spore wall. S. pernambucana, collected from the 'Mata Atlantica' and Caatinga biomes in Pernambuco State and a reforestation area in Maranhão State, appears to be a common fungus in Northeastern Brazil.

KEYWORDS: Gigasporaceae, Glomeromycota, Diversisporales

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