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Oehl, Fritz, Francisco Adriano de Souza & Ewald Sieverding. Revision of Scutellospora and description of five new genera and three new families in the arbuscular mycorrhiza-forming Glomeromycetes. Mycotaxon 106: 311-360. 2008.

ABSTRACT: Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi forming spores on bulbous sporogenous cells were earlier organized in two genera of the Gigasporaceae : Gigaspora and Scutellospora. Molecular analyses indicated that Scutellospora is polyphyletic. The Gigasporaceae are revised on the basis of morphological spore characters and 18S and 25S rRNA gene sequences, and the 36 Scutellospora species are reorganised in three new families including five new genera: Scutellosporaceae (Scutellospora), Racocetraceae (Racocetra, Cetraspora) and Dentiscutataceae (Dentiscutata, Fuscutata, Quatunica). The family Gigasporaceae remains with a single genus Gigaspora. The molecular data indicate that the genus Gigaspora derived from within the former genus Scutellospora. The family Scutellosporaceae forms the most ancestral clade, while Gigasporaceae are phylogenetically not much distant from Racocetraceae and Dentiscutataceae. Keys are presented for the identification of all species of the reorganized former Gigasporaceae.

KEYWORDS: Glomeromycota, Diversisporales, germination shield, ontogeny, phylogeny

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