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Arias Mota, Rosa María, Gabriela Heredia Abarca, Rafael F. Castañeda Ruíz & Cinthya Ivonne Becerra Hernández. Two new species of Polyschema and Vanakripa and other microfungi recorded from mangrove in Veracruz, Mexico. Mycotaxon 106: 29-40. 2008.

ABSTRACT: Two new anamorphic fungi collected on mangrove debris are described and illustrated. Vanakripa rhizophorae is characterized by variably shaped, globose, ovoid to ellipsoidal, brown to black, one-celled conidia, and Polyschema nigroseptatum is distinguished from related species by clavate to ovoid, 2-3(-5)-septate, brown conidia with black septa. Eleven other species of anamorphic fungi, ten illustrated here, are also recorded from mangrove.

KEYWORDS: systematics, tropical rainforest, conidial fungi

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