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Tomsovský, Michal & Libor Jankovský. Validation and typification of Laetiporus montanus. Mycotaxon 106: 289-295. 2008.

ABSTRACT: Laetiporus montanus (Basidiomycota, Polyporales) is an invalidly described taxon growing on conifers in Central European mountain areas. A molecular phylogenetic study of the species was performed to reveal its taxonomical position. The sequencing of ITS and LSU regions of ribosomal DNA revealed high proximity of the sequences of L. montanus to the North American species L. huroniensis. Nevertheless, DNA sequences of the two taxa are not identical and these species also differ in basidiospore dimensions. The ITS sequence of L. montanus is also identical to Japanese specimens named as L. sulphureus var. miniatus. However, the basionym of this taxon, Polyporus miniatus, was described from the tropics and its identity with temperate conifericolous specimens is improbable. Therefore, Laetiporus montanus sp. nov. is validated and described here.

KEYWORDS: Basidiomycetes, Picea, Larix, taxonomy, polyporoid clade

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