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Zhai, Feng-Yan, Ying-Lan Guo, Ying-Jie Liu & Yu Li. A new species of Phaeoramularia on Cimicifuga (Ranunculaceae). Mycotaxon 106: 203-207. 2008.

ABSTRACT: A new species, Phaeoramularia cimicifugae on Cimicifuga dahurica (Ranunculaceae) is reported. Latin diagnosis, illustration and English description of the new species are provided. Distinctions between the new species and its closely related species -- P. clematidis, P. lomaensis, P. sudanensis and P. delphinii -- are discussed. The type and isotype specimens are deposited in HMAS and HMJAU.

KEYWORDS: imperfect fungi, taxonomy

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