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Vánky, Kálmán. Taxonomic studies on Ustilaginomycetes - 28. Mycotaxon 106: 133-178. 2008.

ABSTRACT: The problem of generic delimitation of Tranzscheliella and Tranzscheliella -like smut fungi is discussed. New species described are: Sporisorium mandlaicum, S. shivasiorum, Thecaphora arnicae, Tranzscheliella poae, Ustilago milii-vernalis, U. sclerachnes. New name proposed: Sporisorium ciccaronei. New combinations proposed: Bauerago tinantiae, Entyloma arnaudianum, Gjaerumia eremuri, G. muscari, Sporisorium stiparum, Thecaphora solidaginis, Tolyposporium isolepidis, Tranzscheliella distichlidis, Tr. iranica, Tr. stipae-barbatae, Urocystis bulbinellae, Ur. simplex. Taxa placed in synonymy are: Entyloma crepidis-tectorum (= E. zacintha), E. lavrovianum (= E. hieracii), Urocystis radicicola (= Ur. rechingeri), Ustilago duriusculae (= U. striiformis) and Ustilago moehringiae (= Microbotryum duriaeanum). Excluded from the smut fungi is: Melanotaenium spermacoces. Lectotypes are designated for Entyloma lobeliae and Sorosporium solidaginis. Keys are given to the species of Gjaerumia, of Melanotaenium, and of Tranzscheliella, to the smut fungi of Chionachne and related genera, of Elionurus, of Eulalia and Eulaliopsis, and of Sehima, to the Urocystis species of Anemone and Anemonella, and to the genera of smut fungi.

KEYWORDS: taxonomy

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