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Medel, Rosario, Gastón Guzmán & Florencia Ramírez-Guillén. First record of Discoxylaria myrmecophila (Ascomycotina, Xylariales) from Veracruz, with new reports from Jalisco, Morelos and Nuevo Leon (Mexico). Mycotaxon 106: 1-6. 2008.

ABSTRACT: Fresh collections of stromata of Discoxylaria myrmecophila growing in an ant nest in the State of Veracruz have been studied. Both teleomorph and anamorph stages were found. A description and photographs of the "stroma" are presented. New collections are also reported from the states of Jalisco, Morelos and Nuevo León.

KEYWORDS: attine ants, Hypocreodendron, distribution

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