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Yazici, Kenan & André Aptroot. Corticolous lichens of the city of Giresun with descriptions of four species new to Turkey. Mycotaxon 105: 95-104. 2008.

ABSTRACT: Corticolous lichens were studied in the city of Giresun (Turkey). The survey yielded 54 species, all Ascomycota, among which Anisomeridium polypori, Lecanora compallens, Lepraria umbricola and Schismatomma decolorans are new to Turkey. Lecanora compallens is new to Asia while Anisomeridium polypori and Lepraria umbricola are reported for the second time from Asia. Data and accompanying species are given for all taxa while short descriptions are also presented for the four species that are new to Turkey.

KEYWORDS: biodiversity, flora

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