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Wei, Xin Li, Heng Luo, Young Jin Koh & Jae Seoun Hur.  A taxonomic study of Heterodermia (Lecanorales, Ascomycota) in South Korea based on phenotypic and phylogenetic analysis. Mycotaxon 105: 65-78. 2008.

ABSTRACT: A study on taxonomy and phylogeny of Heterodermia in South Korea is presented for the first time. Phenotypic analysis was based on morphological, anatomical, and chemical characters, and phylogenetic analysis was based on nrDNA ITS sequences. The results suggest that the genus Heterodermia is monophyletic. Some characters (e.g. corticate vs. ecorticate lower surface, absence vs. presence of yellow pigments or soredia) are shown to be taxonomically significant within the genus. Of the eighteen species of Heterodermia known to occur in South Korea, eleven were confirmed in this study. Brief species diagnoses accompany a key to Heterodermia in South Korea, and comparisons with similar taxa are included.

KEYWORDS: lichen flora, macrolichen, Physciaceae, comprehensive analysis

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