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Redhead, Scott A. & John McNeill. The generic name Leratiomyces (Agaricales) once again. Mycotaxon 105: 481-488. 2008.

ABSTRACT: Leratiomyces was not validly published in 1998; rather it was, in fact, unintentionally validated in 2008 as a nomen novum for Le-Ratia. The history of these names is detailed and linked to "Le Ratia," which is not a validly published name. Le-Ratia, which is validly published but illegitimate, is lectotypified, thereby typifying Leratiomyces; the new combination Leratiomyces similis is proposed for its type.

KEYWORDS: New Caledonia, nomenclature, Orthotrichaceae, secotioid, Stropharia

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