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Spribille, Toby & Curtis R. Björk. New records and range extensions in the North American lignicolous lichen flora. Mycotaxon 105: 455-468. 2008.

ABSTRACT: Based on recent intensive studies of wood-dwelling lichens especially in western North America, we report a series of new records and range extensions. Six species are reported as new to North America: Arthonia ligniariella, Elixia flexella, Gyalideopsis helvetica, Lecidea scabridula, Lecidea symmictella and Xyloschistes platytropa. Chaenothecopsis nigra is again confirmed for North America. Buellia arborea, B. chloroleuca, Catillaria erysiboides, and Lignoscripta atroalba are new to Canada and Lecidea pullata and Xylographa trunciseda are new to eastern North America. We also provide range extensions for all four species of Pycnora known from North America. In all we include new records from Alaska, Arizona, British Columbia, Colorado, Idaho, Manitoba, Montana, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, North Dakota, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Ontario, Québec, Washington and the Yukon.

KEYWORDS: calicioid, crustose lichens, floristics, Pacific Northwest, saproxylic, wood

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