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García-Montero, Luis G., Gabriella Di Massimo, José L. Manjón & Javier Velázquez. Description of Tuber malenconii mycorrhizae and a comparison with mycorrhizae of T. aestivum and T. mesentericum. Mycotaxon 105: 407-414. 2008.

ABSTRACT: Tuber malenconii is a recently described uncommon European truffle associated with Quercus ilex that is potentially detrimental to the cultivation of the highly prized edible, T. melanosporum. Examination of T. malenconii mycorrhizae synthesized from fresh ascocarps revealed polygonal mantle cells and numerous cystidia with basal-forked ramifications. Differences between T. malenconii, T. mesentericum, and T. aestivum mycorrhizae are noted; compound and scanning electron micrographs provide additional comparisons.

KEYWORDS: Tuberaceae, ectomycorrhizae, hypogeous fungus

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