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Iturriaga, Teresa, Roberto Fernández, Rafael F. Castañeda Ruíz, David W. Minter & Gabriela Heredia Abarca. A new anamorphic fungus from Venezuela: Pyriculariopsis formosa. Mycotaxon 105: 337-342. 2008.

ABSTRACT: Pyriculariopsis formosa anam. sp. nov. found on a decaying leaf of Clusia rosea in 'Cerro El Ávila', Caracas, Venezuela, is described and ilustrated. This species is characterized by erect, robust, unbranched conidiophores and obclavate, slightly rostrate, 5- to 7-septate, smooth conidia with two dark brown cells and the other conidial cells subhyaline. A key and illustrations of conidia of all Pyriculariopsis species are provided.

KEYWORDS: conidial fungi, leaf litter, systematics, tropical rainforest

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