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Zhai, Xiaoru, Huanyu Li, Rong Zhang, Guangyu Sun, Ming Tang, Jean C. Batzer & Mark L. Gleason. Zygophiala (hyphomycetes) -- a genus newly recorded from China. Mycotaxon 105: 325-330. 2008.

ABSTRACT: We document the first report of the genus Zygophiala from China. The fungus Zygophiala wisconsinensis was isolated from colonies on the cuticle of apple fruit collected from 2 orchards in Shaanxi and Henan Provinces. Conidiophores were erect, scattered, subcylindrical, irregularly flexuous, s-shaped, consisting of four parts: a hyaline supporting cell that gives rise to a smooth, dark brown stipe, terminating in a finely verruculose, medium brown apical cell that gives rise to two or one medium brown, finely verruculose, doliiform to ellipsoidal, polyblastic conidiogenous cells, with 1-2 prominent scars, apical and lateral, darkened, thickened. Conidia were solitary, fusiform to obclavate, hyaline, smooth and thick-walled, transversely 1-septate, prominently constricted at the septum; apex obtuse, base subtruncate, with a darkened, thickened hilum.

KEYWORDS: flyspeck, internal transcribed spacer, rDNA, phylogenetic analysis

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