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Su, Hongyan, Yu'e Hao, Xiaoyan Yang, Zefen Yu, Jingshi Deng & Minghe Mo. A new species of Dactylellina producing adhesive knobs and non-constricting rings to capture nematodes. Mycotaxon 105: 313-316. 2008.

ABSTRACT: A nematode-trapping fungus, Dactylellina daliensis, is illustrated and described as a new species. This fungus is primarily characterized by producing elongate fusoid conidia with 1-13 (mostly 6-8) septa on the denticles of conidiophore and capturing nematodes by means of stalked adhesive knobs and non-constricting rings.

KEYWORDS: Antagonist of parasitic nematodes, predacious fungi, biological control, trapping devices

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