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Braun, Uwe & Pedro Crous. Cercosporoid hyphomycetes on hosts of the Annonaceae: Cercospora annonaceae and Isariopsis annonarum revisited. Mycotaxon 105: 207-224. 2008.

ABSTRACT: Type material of Cercospora annonaceae and several collections assigned to this species by C. Chupp have been re-examined. The status of this species as a member of the genus Stenella is confirmed, but most collections in Chupp´s herbarium referred to as C. annonaceae proved to be misidentified, and pertain to Isariopsis annonarum, herein reallocated to Pseudocercospora, and the new species Phacellium annonae-cherimoliae. A key to 23 cercosporoid hyphomycete species on hosts belonging to the Annonaceae is provided, and the taxonomy of the species concerned is briefly discussed. The following new combinations are proposed: Pseudocercospora annonarum,
P. asiminae and P. oblecta. Furthermore, a revised, detailed description of Pseudocercospora annonae-squamosae is provided.

KEYWORDS: anamorphs, cercospora-like, Annona

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