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Tomsovský, Michal & Leif Ryvarden. Gloeoporus dichrous var. niger comb. nov. Mycotaxon 105: 171-174. 2008.

ABSTRACT: Molecular phylogenetic study of Ceriporiopsis nigra, a species known only from its type locality, was performed to reveal its evolutionary relationship to Ceriporiopsis pannocincta and to the type species of the genus, C. gilvescens. The sequencing of ITS and mitochondrial SSU regions of ribosomal DNA revealed identity of the sequences of C. nigra and Gloeoporus dichrous, apart from Ceriporiopsis. Even though C. nigra and G. dichrous share similar microscopy, the two species differ remarkably in colour of basidiocarp. Thus, the new combination Gloeoporus dichrous var. niger is proposed.

KEYWORDS: Basidiomycota, taxonomy, polyporoid clade

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