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Orihara, Takamichi, Taiga Kasuya, Souwalak Phongpaichit & Yaowaluk Dissara. Radiigera tropica (Geastraceae, Geastrales), a new species from a tropical rain forest of Thailand. Mycotaxon 105: 111-117. 2008.

ABSTRACT: A new species, Radiigera tropica, is described and illustrated from a tropical rain forest of Thailand dominated by Dipterocarpus spp. The species is morphologically characterized by a felty to floccose peridial surface, a four-layered peridium and small, globose basidiospores (3-4.6 µm diam) with low, dense verrucae. Moreover, some specimens have minute, granular peridioles. Additionally, it shares characteristics of both previously recognized subgenera, Taylorae and Radiigera. Following a taxonomic description, reconsideration of these subgenera and characterization of the species among previously described Radiigera species are discussed.

KEYWORDS: Geastrum, sequestrate fungi, gasteromycetes, taxonomy, Phallomycetidae

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