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Krisai-Greilhuber, Irmgard & Walter M. Jaklitsch. A re-description of Xylaria phosphorea. Mycotaxon 104: 89–96. 2008.

ABSTRACT:   Xylaria phosphorea, originally described from Australia, is a species rarely reported in the mycological literature. A collection from Sri Lanka is therefore used to reassess its morphology compared to the type material and one of its synonyms. The Xylaria presented here is characterised by an orange-brown stromatal surface, mammiform perithecial outlines with distinct papillate to conical black ostioles and reddish-brown fusiform ascospores. The present paper serves to re-describe this species in detail, to summarise information about it and to illustrate it in colour.

KEYWORDS:  ascomycetes, pyrenomycetes, taxonomy

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