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Wu, Sheng-Hua. Twenty species of corticioid fungi newly recorded from China. Mycotaxon 104: 79–88. 2008.

ABSTRACT:  Twenty species of corticioid fungi recorded from China for the first time include: Aleurodiscus tsugae, Amethicium luteoincrustatum, Coniophora arida, Dendrothele alliacea, Dentipellis leptodon, Hyphoderma variolosum, Hyphodontia lanata, H. ovispora, H. poroideoefibulata, H. subglobosa, Hypochnicium erikssonii, Licrostroma subgiganteum, Lopharia ayresii, Phanerochaete carnosa, P. crassa, P. leptoderma, P. rubescens, P. tropica, Pseudolagarobasidium calcareum, and Scytinostroma odoratum. Collections of these species were made from China during 2002–07. Sources of the modern description and line drawing are indicated for all these species.

KEYWORDS:  Homobasidiomycetes, taxonomy, wood-decay

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