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Fazolino, E. P., F.D. Calonge & I.G. Baseia. Geastrum entomophilum, a new earthstar with an unusual spore dispersal strategy. Mycotaxon 104: 449–453. 2008.

ABSTRACT:   A new species of gasteroid basidiomycete in Northeast Brazil, Geastrum entomophilum is described and illustrated. Geastrum species are known for dispersing their spores by a bellows type mechanism; however, in the fruit bodies of the new species, various beetles were found inside the gleba, which likely contribute to spore dispersal. This taxon is morphologically separated from the other known species primarily by the endoperidium ornamentation formed by fascicles of worm-shaped hyphae.

KEYWORDS:  Atlantic rainforest, tropical fungi, gasteromycetes, Geastraceae, taxonomy.

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