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Dimou, D.M., G.I. Zervakis & E. Polemis. Mycodiversity studies in selected ecosystems of Greece: 4. Macrofungi from Abies cephalonica forests and other intermixed tree species (Oxya Mt., central Greece). Mycotaxon 104: 39–42. 2008.

ABSTRACT:   In the course of a nine-year inventory in Mt. Oxya (central Greece) fir forests, a total of 358 taxa of macromycetes, belonging in 149 genera, have been recorded. Ninety-eight taxa constitute new records, and five of them are first reports for the respective genera (Athelopsis, Crustoderma, Lentaria, Protodontia, Urnula). One hundred and one records for habitat/host/substrate are new for Greece, while some of these associations are reported for the first time in literature.

The complete checklist can be found on the Mycotaxon Regional Checklists page.

KEYWORDS:  biodiversity, Mediterranean region, mushrooms

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