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Li, Zhenying & Lin Guo. Two new species of Exobasidium (Exobasidiales) from China. Mycotaxon 104: 331–336. 2008.

ABSTRACT:  Two new species, Exobasidium ovalifoliae on Lyonia ovalifolia var. elliptica and Exobasidium tengchongense on Pieris formosa, are reported. They were collected from Yunnan Province. Exobasidium ovalifoliae causes leaf hypertrophy and deformation. It is characterized by 2(–3) sterigmata per basidium and by basidiospores that germinate via germ tubes. E. tengchongense causes red leaf spots, and has small basidiospores.

KEYWORDS:  Ustilaginomycetes, symptoms, taxonomy

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