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Wang, Dong-Mei & Sheng-Hua Wu. A taxonomic revision of the Ganodermataceae reported from Taiwan. Mycotaxon 104: 297–308. 2008.

ABSTRACT:   Previous studies of the Ganodermataceae in Taiwan are reviewed. A checklist of the species along with their current taxonomic status is given. Totally 31 names are included, with 26 treated in Ganoderma, three in Amauroderma, and one each in Magoderna and Tomophagus. Among them, 13 species and a variety of Ganoderma, two species of Amauroderma, one species of Magoderna and one species of Tomophagus are recognized. Ganoderma australe is accepted as a species complex. Two names are excluded from the Ganodermataceae, and 11 are currently regarded as synonyms.

Key words —East Asia, polypore, taxonomy

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