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Halici, Mehmet Gökhan. A key to the lichenicolous Ascomycota (including mitosporic fungi) of Turkey. Mycotaxon 104: 253–286. 2008.

ABSTRACT:   A key for the identification of 117 specific and infraspecific lichenicolous fungal taxa and one unnamed pycnidial anamorph reported from Turkey is provided. Arthonia excentrica, Carbonea supersparsa, Endococcus exerrans, Lichenostigma rugosum, Muellerella ventosicola and Roselliniella cladoniae are reported from Turkey for the first time. Arthonia epiphyscia which was previously reported from Manisa, Turkey is a misidentification of Arthonia phaeophysciae. References to publications in which further information on the taxa can be found are included. Also, the distributions of the taxa in Turkey and the corresponding publications are presented. An index to the names of fungi and a host index are also provided.

KEYWORDS:  lichenicolous fungi, lichens, coelomycetes, hyphomycetes

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