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Lee, Jin Sung & Hack Sung Jung. Porodisculus orientalis sp. nov. (Schizophyllaceae, Agaricales) from East Asia. Mycotaxon 104: 215–222. 2008.

ABSTRACT:   Specimens of Porodisculus are easily recognized by their brown, tiny pendant fruiting bodies with a poroid hymenophore. However, Asian specimens are slightly different from American specimens in the size of the pores and basidiospores. Phylogenetic approaches were used to determine whether two specimens from South America and four specimens from East Asia were cryptic species. The results strongly suggest that Asian and American collections represent two different species. Therefore, Asian Porodisculus is proposed as a new species, Porodisculus orientalis.

KEYWORDS:  Basidiomycota, taxonomy, phylogeny, ITS, RPB2

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