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Loguercio-Leite, Clarice, Josué Michels & Juliano Marcon Baltazar. Austro-American lignolytic polypores (Agaricomycetes) — new records for Southern Brazil. Mycotaxon 104: 205–213. 2008.

ABSTRACT:   Following a continuous survey of lignolytic basidiomycetes in Santa Catarina State, Brazil, ten previously unrecorded species of polypores were collected in the State Park of Serra do Tabuleiro, namely Ceriporia tarda, Echinochaete brachypora, Fuscoporia contigua, F. ferruginosa, Irpex lacteus, Oligoporus subcaesius, Oxyporus latemarginatus, Perenniporia ochroleuca, Phellinus bambusinus, P. robustus. Four taxa — F. contigua, F. ferruginosa, P. bambusinus, and P. robustus — also represent first recordsforRio Grande do Sul State (Southern Brazil).The new combination Oligoporus caesioflavus is proposed.

KEYWORDS:  Hymenochaetales, mycodiversity, Polyporales, wood rot

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