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Vellinga, Else C. & Walter J. Sundberg. Lepiotaceous fungi of California, U.S.A. 6. Lepiota castanescens. Mycotaxon 103: 97-108. 2008.

ABSTRACT: Lepiota castanescens is a red-staining species in the Leucoagaricus/Leucocoprinus clade of the Agaricaceae. It is very close to the European Leucoagaricus croceovelutinus and the Australian Lepiota haemorrhagica. Basidiocarps stain red with ammonia, KOH and age, spores have an apical papilla, cheilocystidia are lageniform to clavate with apical excrescence; and the pileus covering outside the central patch is made up of repent hyphae of different length and diameter. The type collection and modern collections are described.

KEYWORDS: biodiversity, DNA sequence-based phylogeny, morphology, western North America

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