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Méndez-Mayboca, Fátima R., Santiago Chacón, Martín Esqueda & Martha. L. Coronado. Ascomycetes  of  Sonora, Mexico. 1: The Ajos- Bavispe National Forest Reserve and Wildlife Refuge. Mycotaxon 103: 87-95. 2008.

ABSTRACT: Eight species of Ascomycetes from the Ajos-Bavispe National Forest Reserve and Wildlife Refuge, located in Sonora, Mexico are recorded for the first time in the Mexican mycobiota: Cenangium yuccae, Diatrype standleyi, Eutypa koschkelovae, E. podanthi, Gloniopsis praelonga, Hypocrea scutelliformis, Hysterium insidens, and H. truncatulum. Photomicrographs, descriptions, and some ecological observations are presented.

KEYWORDS: Helotiales, Hypocreales, Xylariales, Hysteriales

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