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Lendemer, James C. & Kerry Knudsen. Studies in lichens and lichenicolous fungi: further notes on North American taxa. Mycotaxon 103: 75-86. 2008.

ABSTRACT: Abrothallus hypotrachynae, Phaeographis atromaculata, and Thalloloma hypoleptum are reported as new to North America. The generic placement of Megalaria beechingii and M. pulverea is discussed. Conforming to the new generic concepts in the Graphidaceae several new combinations are proposed for North America taxa: Fissurina illiterata (for Graphis illiterata), Graphis xylophaga (for Graphina xylophaga), Leiorreuma explicans (for Phaeographina explicans), Phaeographis asteroides (for Phaeographina asteroides), and Platythecium floridanum (for Graphis floridana). Miriquidica mexicana is placed in synonymy with M. scotopholis, and detailed discussion of the taxon is provided.

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