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Souza, Carlos A.P. de, Nadja Santos Vitória, José Luiz Bezerra, Edna Dora Martins Newman Luz, Carlos A. Inácio & José C. Dianese. Camarotella brasiliensis sp. nov. (Phyllachoraceae) on Syagrus schizophylla (Arecaceae) from Brazil. Mycotaxon 103: 313–317. 2008.

ABSTRACT: A new Camarotella species found in the States of Bahía and Sergipe, Brazil, on an arecaceous host (Syagrus schizophylla) is here described. The new species, C. brasiliensis, is distinguished from the other congeneric species by ascospore size, a persistent mucous sheath surrounding the ascospores, and ascus shape and width.

KEYWORDS: neotropical fungi, Phyllachorales, palm, ascomycetes

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