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Korf, Richard P. Nomenclatural notes. 12. Untangling Hedwig's Octospora villosa: Helvella fibrosa comb. nov. Mycotaxon 103: 307–311. 2008.

ABSTRACT: Octospora villosa was described and illustrated by Hedwig in 1789, and has been reassigned first as a variety in Peziza, and later at species rank in Fuckelina, Cyathipodia, and Helvella. Hedwig’s species was sanctioned (at varietal level) by Fries, who treated it as Peziza macropus [var.] b hirta, an unintentional error in attributing to this taxon the epithet of a different Hedwig species. Error upon error has plagued Hedwig’s species name, and an attempt here is made to untangle the most flagrant of these. Names in current use are Helvella villosa, H. chinensis, and H. dissingii. None turns out to be correct under the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature. Overlooked by all recent authors is the species name Peziza fibrosa proposed by Wallroth in 1833 as a new name to be substituted for O. villosa since that epithet could not be transferred to the genus Peziza, it being preoccupied there by Persoon’s P. villosa of 1801. The new combination Helvella fibrosa is formally proposed, and an epitype specimen for O. villosa is designated.

KEYWORDS: homonyms, sanctioned names, errors, corrected synonymy

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