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Zhang, Meng,  Zhi–Shen Chen & Tian–Yu Zhang. Taxonomic studies of Alternaria from China. 11. Three large-spored new species. Mycotaxon 103: 263-268. 2008.

ABSTRACT: Three large-spored new species in the genus Alternaria: A. amphicarpaeae and A. sojae on plants of Fabaceae and A. tribuli on Zygophyllaceae are reported. A. amphicarpaeae and A. sojae are morphologically distinguishable from each other, and are also different from the other reportedspecies of Alternaria on Fabaceae. Alternaria tribuli is the first species of Alternaria reported on Zygophyllaceae. Type specimens are deposited in the Herbarium of Shandong Agricultural University: Plant Pathology (HSAUP) and the Herbarium of Henan Agricultural University: Fungi (HHAUF).

KEYWORDS: taxonomy, hyphomycetes, leaf spots

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