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Bandala, Victor M. & Leticia Montoya. Type studies in the genus Crepidotus. Mycotaxon 103: 235–254. 2008.

ABSTRACT: Type collections of six Crepidotus species described from Chile, Sri Lanka, and the USA were studied. Microscopic characters are described for each taxon. Macroscopic features provided in the original diagnoses have been supplemented by the micromorphologic variations noted in each specimen; these comparisons support our conclusion that each of the type specimens shares the same set of features exhibited by a previously described species and thus represents part of its variation. We therefore propose that Crepidotus brunswickianus should be synonymised with C. croceitinctus; C. cuneiformis, C. cystidiosus and C. truncatus with C. applanatus; C. grummosopilosus with C. calolepis; and C. maximus with C. albescens. Descriptions, illustrations and discussions are provided.

KEYWORDS: Crepidotaceae, new synonyms, taxonomy, wood-inhabiting fungi

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