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Bridge, Paul D., Brian Spooner, Ross E. Beever & D.-C. Park. Taxonomy of the fungus commonly known as Stropharia aurantiaca with new combinations in Leratiomyces. Mycotaxon 103: 109–121. 2008.

ABSTRACT: The taxonomy and nomenclature of the fungus commonly referred to as Stropharia aurantiaca was investigated. Molecular analysis of the ribosomal RNA large subunit gene confirmed the exclusion of the species from Stropharia. The results from further molecular and morphological comparison with type species indicated that ‘S. aurantiaca’ is congeneric with a number of other taxa currently placed in Leratiomyces, Stropharia and Weraroa. These taxa are transferred to Leratiomyces and an emended diagnosis and brief discussion of this genus are provided.

KEYWORDS: LSU, stropharioid, woodchip, sequestrate

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