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Castañeda Ruiz, Rafael F., Luis Fernando Pascholati Gusmão, Josep Guarro, Alberto M. Stchigel, Marc Stadler & Masatoshi Saikawa. Two new anamorphic fungi from Brazil: Cacumisporium tropicale and Acrodictys irregularis. Mycotaxon 102: 91-99. 2007.

ABSTRACT: Acrodictys irregularis and Cacumisporium tropicale, found on a decaying twig of an unidentified plant and on stem of unidentified Poaceae respectively, in “Morro do Corcovado”, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil are described and illustrated. A. irregularis is characterized by irregular, lenticular, globose, obovoid, dictyoseptate conidia with 1-3 cellular protuberances, while C. tropicale is distinguished by its verrucose to tuberculate, brown conidiophores and fusiform, 3-septate, brown, smooth-walled conidia. A key to accepted Cacumisporium species is provided.

KEYWORDS:  conidial fungi, systematics, tropical rainforest

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